Welcome to NVBAA, a community of about 450 Nevada Aviation, Aerospace, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) members!

At NVBAA we have been committed to promoting STEM Education in Nevada, and our STEM Education programs are now some of the most successful in America. Our after school clubs and internship programs have produced Regional and National Championships, and we are continuing our efforts to expand our reach across the Great State of Nevada.
InterDrone Banner 300x250_ROTNVBAA also helps promote conventions and conferences that promote the industry in Nevada. NVBAA is a Featured Partner of the InterDrone 2016 Conference and Exposition. After an impressive debut (2,797 delegates from 48 nations and rave reviews) InterDrone returns to Las Vegas Sept. 7-9 in a premier location:  The Paris Las Vegas Hotel. It will feature 120 sessions for engineers, software developers, executives, investors, regulators and commercial drone “buyers and flyers” in more than a dozen vertical market segments. 4,000+ attendees from 6 continents and 125+ exhibitors. Receive a $200 discount off the prevailing rate of the 3 day pass by inserting the code NVBAA or a free expo pass with code NVBAAexpo when prompted at www.interdrone.com


NVBAA FAA APPROVEDIn our continuing efforts to provide real-world hands-on career education and training, NVBAA applied for and was  approved by the FAA under Section 333 Exemption to operate UAS (drones) for aerial data collection, education, and research.  NVBAA working with it’s industry partner, GRADD (Global Robot And Drone Deployment) is creating training, and certification workshops for a variety of organizations.
NVBAA’s membership represents the largest group of its kind in the State of Nevada, and is comprised of over 450 members of Nevada’s airports, aircraft owners and operators, aviation and aerospace businesses, corporate flight departments, pilots, government leaders, and companies directly involved with or looking to become part of the Nevada business aviation, aerospace, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) industry.
We look forward to working together with you to achieve the common goal of enhancing the strength of Nevada’s STEM education offerings and economic development activities for this industry sector.  
Click Here to apply to Join NVBAA Today! I encourage anyone who is currently involved in aviation, aerospace and unmanned aerial systems (UAS) industry in Nevada, or is planning on starting or expanding business operations in Nevada to and who is not yet a member of NVBAA to take a minute now and apply for membership. NVBAA membership is free in 2016 and NVBAA works on your behalf to make Nevada a more business aviation-friendly state by working on Nevada’s;
  • Promoting STEM Education in Aviation, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS, aka Drones), and Aerospace to Nevada’s K-12 Students
  • Improving Nevada’s rural airport infrastructure, and helping promote tourism to Nevada’s rural markets, based on the location of Nevada’s GA airports
  • Fostering the creation of skilled, good paying jobs, and, assisting with economic development across Nevada
    I look forward to hearing your ideas, suggestions and comments, and working together to promote Aviation, Aerospace, and Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) in the Great State of Nevada.
Reza Karamooz
Founder & President – NVBAA
Founder & CEO – GRADD (Global Robot And Drone Deployment)
Founder & Vice Chair – Aerospace States Association Nevada Chapter
Honorary Commander – 11th Attack Squadron – Creech Air Force Base
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Air Force Association Community Partner
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