To Las Vegas Area Flight Departments:

Voice communication frequencies between pilots and air traffic control (ATC) are becoming increasingly congested and will not be able to accommodate the projected increase in air traffic demand. Use of data communications (Data Comm) to supplement some routine voice communications will increase efficiency, capacity, and safety.
You may click here to download the FAA NEXTGEN DATACOMM slideshow (pdf format), and get the program details, including the DCL Site Deployment Schedule (page 14).

KLAS will see the introduction of Data Comm on March 28 2016 with many other airports frequented by business aviation to follow. Click here to download the DCL Site Deployment Schedule.

A presentation will be offered on Tuesday, March 22, 9:00 am PDT at the Clark County Department of Airports Administration Building Conference Room 1A.

This presentation will describe the introduction of data communications between the cockpit and controllers to supplement voice communications, air traffic control (ATC) clearances, instructions, traffic flow management, and flight crew requests and reports. It will describe the direct link between ground automation and flight deck avionics that enables efficiencies not possible using current voice system.
To reserve a seat for the March 22nd presentation, or to inquire about arranging  an on-site presentation for your flight department, please contact Moranda Reilly,
There are additional resources and information available about DataComm on the Harris website. Click here to read more!