NBAA2015 Air Traffic Information

Updated Nov. 5, 2015

A large increase in aircraft operations in the Las Vegas, NV area is expected in conjunction with NBAA’s Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA2015), and special air traffic procedures will be in place to enhance safety and minimize air traffic delays.

Operators are reminded to check NOTAMS before every flight and comply with all ATC instructions.

Parking at Henderson Executive Airport

Las Vegas’s Henderson Executive Airport (HND) will require reservations for all parking, drop/pick up and go reservations from Nov. 13 to 21. Reservations are required for the airport’s planning and ramp management program during NBAA2015. The online reservation system aids in preparing for daily aircraft operations, efficient ramp parking, and pre-planned aircraft servicing.

Operators planning on using HND during these dates should complete reservations as soon as possible to ensure ramp accommodations are secure at HND by calling the FBO at (702) 261-4806, or visiting the HND website.

Parking at Signature Flight Support at McCarran International Airport

Operators planning to utilize Signature Flight support at McCarran International Airport (LAS) between Nov. 15 and 20 will be required to secure parking spaces in advance. Reservations will be accepted in the order received. Reservations may be made by calling Kalee Schnelzer at (702) 739-1100 or on Signature’s Las Vegas website.

Required Routings Into HND for NBAA2015

The FAA has issued required routes for aircraft flying into HND during NBAA2015. Aircraft capable of utilizing RNAV arrival procedures should file the appropriate RNAV standard instrument arrival (STAR). Operators not able to accept the RNAV arrival may face additional delays. The FAA has also requested that operators ensure they correctly input the RNAV capabilities for their aircraft into Item 18 of their ICAO flight plan.

Henderson/HND RNAV Arrivals

  • ADDEL ONE (RNAV) – From the Northwest
  • NOOTN ONE (RNAV) – From the Northeast
  • KNGMN TWO (RNAV) – From the Southeast
  • JOMIX ONE (RNAV) – From the Southwest
FAA NBAA2015 Convention NOTAM

The special air traffic procedures will be in effect from Nov. 14 to 23.

The FAA Air Traffic Control Systems Command Center may utilize traffic management initiatives for this event when arrival demand is expected to approach or exceed airport capacity. Expect departure clearance times may be issued for all domestic, IFR arrivals to the following airports:

  • Henderson Executive Airport (HND)
  • McCarran International Airport (LAS)
  • North Las Vegas Airport (VGT)

View the FAA’s NOTAM for NBAA2015 (PDF)

Downloadable Arrival and Departure Cards for Pilots

Download and print the following aids for quick reference during flight planning and on the flight deck.

HND Arrival Card (PDF)

HND Departure Card (PDF)

HND Runway 35 Departure Procedure (PDF)

VGT Departure Card (PDF)

Noise Abatement Procedures for Las Vegas Area Airports

VGT, LAS and HND airport managers have posted detailed information on noise abatement procedures, curfews, airport diagrams, preferential runways, pattern altitudes, run-up areas, noise monitoring and more on the appropriate Whispertrack website below. Pilots operating to/from any of these Las Vegas airports for NBAA2015 should reference the site for the latest information.

Review Noise Abatement Procedures for HND

Review Noise Abatement Procedures for LAS

Review Noise Abatement Procedures for VGT

Demonstration and Presentation Flights

The airspace and military ranges in and around the Las Vegas basin present unique challenges to air traffic management of local “out and back” flights. Areas near Las Vegas are problematic for ATC and the necessary coordination between Las Vegas TRACON and Los Angeles Center may not support the needs of a typical demo flight profile. Operators should provide Las Vegas TRACON with as much advance notice as possible of requested flight parameters. The FAA will accommodate requests to the best of their ability consistent with normal operations in to and from the Las Vegas Basin.

IFR Flight Demonstration Procedures

  • Contact Las Vegas TRACON TMU at (702) 262-5926 for approval
  • File a flight plan for this route through Lockheed Martin AFSS
  • Aircraft Identification while using these routes shall be “DEMO” plus the last three characters of the aircraft registration
  • Any deviation from these routes will terminate special handling procedures
  • Aircraft terminating early on any demonstration route could encounter significant delays

VFR Flight Demonstration Area

A VFR flight demonstration area will be available, traffic permitting, during NBAA2015. The VFR practice area is located NW of VGT in Nellis Air Traffic Control Facility Airspace. Assistance with flight plan filing and specific location information regarding this area can be obtained from VGT ATCT at (702) 6486588.