Reno Air Races 2016

cropped-post-888-logo-2Our staff and Aviation Post 888 Explorers had a very productive week at the Reno Air Races this year, where our Aviation Post students provided 1,000s of Nevada youth with flight lessons on our many flight sims, as well as hands-on UAV pilot training and flight lessons on our small UAVs. Our 3D printers were busy all week at the Reno Air Races, 3D printing F86 Sabre jets, jet airliners, and fighter jets. And our ground robot demonstrations – robots as small as a ping-pong ball to as big as Samson – were also a big attraction. All of this was possible in a big part due the generous support and sponsorship of our team by NBAA and Signature Flight Support LAS.  Click here to read the article about our Reno trip on NBAA’s website.

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